Copiers & Printers

Blue Moon Technology provides floor standing copiers with finishers. Equipment is generally leased and includes onsite service, free preventative regular maintenance and free ink/toner. Paper not included! Per page charges for B&W and Color printing may apply.

We provide software that monitors Client printer usage so that ink is shipped out to client overnight before they run out.

A wide range for copiers are available with print speeds from 35 to 85 pages per minute. Color copiers are available as well. All standard finishing options are available as well including stapling, booklet printing (Saddle Stitch) and 3 hold punch.

Wide format printers that can output 36” wide or larger blueprints, posters and art work are also in inventory.

BMT has two unique types of Copiers in inventory.

  • RISO copiers output very high speed color output at a significantly lower price per page then ordinary color copiers/printers. They occupy a price/performance point above floor standing copiers but below full offset printing presses.
  • RISO Digital Duplicators, Digitals Duplicators are much lower in cost then copiers for the special case where the Customer is making many multiple copies (>200) of the same page or pages. This is a very popular choice for organizations like Church’s that print a few thousand copies of a newsletter or bulletin.

Some models of RISO copiers & Digital Duplicators can reach speeds of over 130 pages per minute

For further information, Please contact Blue Moon Tech Sales at 844-605-4591 or send a message using our Contact Us page.