Streaming Video

Event Capture & Streaming systems allow you to both record events and stream them over the internet.

Typically, PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras are installed to capture video, Microphone systems suitable for both homilies, music and lectures are also installed. If necessary, Speaker systems can be enhanced or replaced.

Our most typical user for this service is a Church but it is also useful for business operating training facilities, catering halls, theatres & performance spaces.

Event Capture with a streaming solution has typically 3 modes of operation:

  1. Standard User: Minimal training required for this, it is designed to capture a standard Mass or Lecture Event, then stream it live via a link on your website. You can also record and store the event for future viewing/editing.
  1. Advanced User: Some training will be required for this mode. It is designed to capture a larger event such as Christmas or Easter Mass. The system will also stream it, record it and store the event online.
  1. Expert User: This mode would typically be used for a wedding. An expert videographer would utilize video & sound mixing boards, change focus on cameras, integrate hand held cameras into the system. In Expert mode, typically a second junior engineer would also be involved.

Streaming Masses and being able to view them online at a later time can be helpful to home-bound members of your parish and additionally a broader audience (worldwide) can view your Homilies. Thus, the inspiring message of your sermons can help not just the people physically at your service, but can also help spiritually feed other members of your faith around the world.

Streaming Events like weddings, funerals and baptism’s can allow other Family or Friends to participate at least partly in this ceremonies as many people have friends & families both around the United States and around the world.

Revenue to help support your Church’s Pastoral goals can be generated by this system by charging a fee for use of the system for such events. Blue Moon Technology is happy to provide a technician and/or Film Crew for any type of event including weddings.

For further information, Please contact Blue Moon Tech Sales at 844-605-4591 or send a message using our Contact Us page.