Cloud based PC

Blue Moon Technology solutions include a Cloud-based Virtual Desktop solution

Any PC or Mac computer can with the right username and password login to a virtual PC which has all the usual software installed on it. Multiple Employees can share files via a virtual Server.

We maintain all the software installs, updates, backups and security considerations.

This service addresses shortcomings of the IT environment found in many small and medium sized business organizations:
• Support – in the absence of sufficient scale to pay for sophisticated on-site technical resources, the care and maintenance of PCs and servers is usually contracted out to a third party. Maintenance and upgrades on local and network computers takes significant time and energy.
• Backup – the enterprise’s computing platform often resides in a small space in the office, with limited power and cooling. Backups of critical data may be sporadic or non-existent. There is limited if any redundancy. If a server goes down, all computing work may be halted for a period from several hours to several days.
• Access – users outside the physical location where corporate servers are located may have limited access to the system and are restricted in their ability to work from home or from another location.
• Security – every network needs to be protected from unauthorized users and outside intruders. This requires sound network design, a proper and well maintained firewall, and other measures such as data encryption. Compliance with privacy requirements and government regulations may be incomplete.
• Capital Investment – servers and storage have to be upgraded and replaced on a regular schedule. PCs used in the environment need maintenance and periodic replacement to keep up with changing technology.

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