VOIP Phones

VOIP phone systems are very flexible, reasonably priced and reliable.

Our phones plug into the internet anywhere in the world: NYC or LA; in your office or at your home. You’re connected to your phone system anywhere that you have a wired internet connection.

Comprehensive features include:

  • Voice Menu (Auto Attendant)
  • 24/7 US Based free phone and email support at no extra charge
  • Voice Mail can be sent to email
  • Reliable cloud based service which can  help keep your business running smoothly!
    • In the event of a disaster i.e. if an offices becomes unavailable (bad weather, internet outage etc.), no calls will be lost. If Disaster strikes your office ranging from internet being down or unable to physically access your office. Your voicemails go to email and you can have service forwarded to another office or even cell phone at no extra charge.
  • Advanced Call Center functionality is also available. Managers can monitor employee conversations and get call analytics to support Sales desks, Help desk and other such operations.
  • Our Service provider is a leader in the VOIP industry and is large enough to have both a primary and backup data center facility.

For further information, Please contact Blue Moon Tech Sales  at 844-605-4591 or send a message using our Contact Us page.